5 Best Keto Calculator Apps

When you start taking ketogenic diet it can become difficult to know what to eat, how much to eat and what macros you’re gaining in on a daily basis.

We often eat because it’s a meal time or it’s been a number of hours since we last ate. Or even just because other people are eating or there’s food in front of us.

The main difference between a regular low carb diet plan and a keto diet plan is the number of carbohydrates and proteins allowed on a daily basis.

However, in order to get to that hallowed state, it is important to track and measure what’s really in our food and what is going into our bodies.

Using apps to keep a track of your diet can be an excellent idea. In this article, we will be talking about 5 best Keto calculator apps.

1.Keto Calculator:

This app will help you find the exact amount of protein, carbs, and fat you need to reach your goal through the ketogenic diet.

The keto calculator is the ultimate all-in-one tool which determines how much you should eat every day. By entering the appropriate info like height, weight, age, etc.  After which the keto calculator will project your precise macronutrient and calorie demands, which is the first step towards your success on the keto diet.

A keto macro calculator helps you discover your unique needs, so you can:

  • Stay easily in ketosis diet
  • Track the macros accurately throughout the day.
  • Know what and how much you should be eating.
  • Easily reach your weight loss or weight gain goals.

Click on the link to get the app:

2.Carb Manager:

The Carb Manager is the comprehensive low carb tracker and macros counter for all of those on low carb diet or keto diet. You can set net carbs, macros, and weight loss goals with an easy-to-use calculator.

The Carb Manager helps you in other ways like:

  • You can search from over a million foods with macros and carb counts, including net carbs and sugar alcohols, very useful for people suffering from diabetes.
  • You can scan a barcode on a food item to instantly look up the nutrition details.
  • Through the app, you can record how much water you consume.
  • 3, 50,000 healthy recipes with instructions and all the nutritional information.
  • Exclusive content by low carb experts on the latest keto news.
  • You can share your progress with friends for additional motivation.

Click on the link to get the app:

3.Total Keto Diet:

Total Keto Diet is your go-to app for low carb recipes & keto meals. It is fully loaded with hundreds of delicious keto recipes, keto diet articles, calorie & macro tracker. The Total keto diet is a low carbohydrate, high-fat diet. Maintaining a low carb diet is great for weight management.

This app provides features like:
• You can track your calories & macros every day with the help of macro-tracker.
• Thousands of low carb recipes available for your keto macro tracker.
• It is enabled with a favorites Section for you to jump straight to the keto and low carb recipes you need.
• To help you understand everything about the keto diet and get started with your keto diet immediately it has a Beginner’s Keto Diet Guide.

Click on the link to get the app:

4.My Keto:

My Keto provides you help in learning and becoming an expert in the Low-Carb High Fat Ketogenic diet and will help in understanding how many calories, fats, carbs, and protein you should be consuming daily. My Keto helps in complete management of your diet and stay on track on weight management, eventually improving your health.

My Keto app helps you with features like:

  • It provides a reference guide of allowed and disallowed food at any time to see what you can eat in order to stay in a state of ketosis.
  • The accurate and free keto macro calculator determines how many calories, fats, carbs, and protein you should be consuming daily based on your body height, weight, activity level, and gender.
  • Searchable and filterable with serving amounts per net carb.
  • It is filled with low-carb, high-fat recipes and meal preparation ideas using our recipe feed and links.
  • The Calorie and Carb daily diet tracker helps you to manage your keto diet plan for weight loss.

Click on the link to get the app:

5. My Fitness Pal:

My Fitness Pal app and website provides extensive support in tracking diet and exercise to determine optimal caloric intake and nutrients for its users.

The apps facilitate with various features like:

  • You can sync your workouts and choose From 350+ Exercises.
  • It gives you the option of creating your own exercises and workouts.
  • Track Steps, by setting a daily step goal and see a graph of your step history.
  • Add photos to your weight entries to see and celebrate your progress in the progress photos section.
  • You can stay motivated with a graph of how you are improving over time with the nutritional and progressions reports.

Click on the link to get the app:

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