Can Coffee be included as a part of Keto Diet?

Ketogenic diet comes with a number of Do’s and Don’ts. If you are a beginner to ketosis, you must be having lots of questions about what you can eat or drink and what you should not.

But, what about coffee?

In which category does it exactly fall?

Carb? Proteins?  Or fats? Should you drink coffee or no?

For most of us, coffee is a part of our daily life which is often labeled as a temporary stimulant, which provides us with many health benefits. It contains caffeine that can improve your attention span, mood, and concentration.

It is estimated that about one to four cups of coffee a day can help you manage this balance. You can increase or decrease your intake of coffee depending on how strong it is or how it’s made. However, you must ensure your caffeine intake doesn’t exceed the recommended amount per day.

Benefits of Keto Coffee:

Ketogenic coffee is known for its instant energy boosting properties. It emphasizes the intake of low-carb, high-fat foods. It is a hot brewed cup of coffee prepared with the addition of healthy fats in the form of grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. The use of MCT coconut oil guarantees that a more concentrated mix is being added to your coffee instead of plain coconut oil. The butter, on the other hand, needs to be unsalted and strictly grass-fed. The addition of keto coffee in your diet may work wonders for you. Here’s how:

1. Caffeine Promotes Fat Loss:

The very purpose of getting into ketosis is to promote fat loss from your body. Drinking coffee can help you get closer to your goal with its ability to stimulate the metabolic rate. Caffeine suppresses your appetite, thus allowing you to avoid carbs. This will help you stay focused on your keto diet by reducing the urge to eat desserts and other carbohydrate-rich foods.

2. Caffeine Promotes Ketone Production:

Caffeine plays a key role in supporting the process of lipolysis or breakdown of fats, which are later converted into ketone bodies. Drinking a cup of coffee for breakfast is recommended to stimulate the ketone production and raise the levels of free fatty acids in the plasma.

3. Promotes Good Digestion:

The presence of coconut oil in keto coffee acts as a natural laxative. When consumed directly, it lubricates one’s digestive system and promotes gut health. Coconut oil is also known to have antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

There is a wide variety of Keto coffee’s available in different flavors. Some of them INCLUDE:

  1. Four Sigmatic Mushroom coffee mix
  2. Four Sigmatic Mushroom mocha
  3. Keto Bulletproof coffee
  4. Iced Bulletproof Coffee
  5. Bulletproof Butter Coffee
  6. Ultimate Keto Coffee
  7. Keto Power Coffee

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