Ketone Strip Review: Choosing best Keto Urine Strips

If your hearing of Ketone strips the first time and wondering what on earth they are all about, read on! Before you know more about these urine strips which are used to measure Ketone levels, it’s important you know a little about the Keto Diet.

What is a Keto diet?

The unique point of a Ketogenic diet is that it’s not just a ‘low carb’ diet, but a very low carb diet(less than 20g per day). When your body is completely devoid of glucose, it goes into a process called ketosis. Here, stored body fat is used up for energy as it’s converted into ketones. Hence to monitor if you’re losing weight, it’s important to measure the Ketone levels in your body.

How do you measure Ketone levels?

There are various ways of measuring Ketone levels, some of them are

  • Using Urine Strips
  • Using a beta-hydroxybutyrate blood meter
  • Using a Ketonix breath meter

Here we are going to give you an idea of how you go about using urine strips to measure ketosis and the top brands in the market which you can rely upon.

5 Best Urine Strips to measure Ketone levels

1. Perfect Keto Strips

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These strips are perfect to measure Ketone levels for anyone on a keto diet. No time delays, you can measure your state of ketosis in seconds. They’re much cheaper than blood testing and very easy to use. We choose to highlight Perfect Keto as they are the number one brand when it comes to quality Keto products.


  • Doctor developed, high-quality keto strips
  • Lab grade
  • Easy to test
  • Quick and reliable
  • Inexpensive and 100 strips per bottle available
  • Accurate results obtained

Pricing: $8.99 USD SALE PRICE

2. Smackfat Ketone Strips

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Smackfat is another label which is hard to beat when it comes to keto testing. As the name suggests, they help you smack fat and gain instantaneous result. You also gain access to educational videos on how to use the strips and lead a healthy ketogenic lifestyle.


  • Accurate Readings
  • Noninvasive
  • Also suited for Atkins Diet and Paleo Diet
  • 100 Keto strips available
  • Demo and instructional videos available
  • Lifetime product warranty guarantees best customer service


  • Levels may be accurate only in the early days as in a state of ketosis for long; you would be unable to detect ketones.

Pricing: $7.95 USD 

3. Runner-up One Earth Health

one earth ketone test strips
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High-quality Ketone strips for your Keto diets are very important to test your state of ketosis. And One Earth Strips are accurate, help you in your Keto journey, and come with a lifetime guarantee. A portion of the proceeds you pay goes towards research on ketogenic diets.


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Complimentary eBook
  • 7-day meal plan with keto specific recipes
  • 150 strips per pack

Pricing: $9.99 USD

4. Piping Rock Ketosis Strips

piping rock keto test strips
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Piping rock Ketosis Strips are what you need to keep your keto diets in check. These strips like the others are easy-to-use and convenient. They come with a sharp price drop due to sales and these are the least expensive in this entire list. The customer testimonials are a guarantee that they are a great product to use.


  • Highly Accurate
  • Most inexpensive
  • Ship very fast
  • Great customer service

Pricing: $6.69 USD

5.  Ketobar Strips

keto strips
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Ketobars is another famous Keto brand we love. We are sure if you are familiar with Keto diets, you would love their yummy Keto bars which serve as wholesome snacks. And these strips are pretty good as well. You get accurate readings on ketosis and we guarantee you will be satisfied.


  • Made for keto specifically
  • Reputed brand for Keto dieters
  • Accurate testing
  • Has 100 strips in a package

How do you test using Keto Strips?

As your body starts producing ketones on a ketogenic diet, they will not all be used up. When your body Ketone levels increase, they are sent out through your urine instead of being stored as fat. You can measure them through a simple urine test.
By noting the colour change in the strip when it is dipped in your urine samples, you get to know about excess ketones in your body.

  • If the strips don’t change colour, it means your body isn’t into ketosis and no ketones are detected.
  • If the strips change colour, it indicates different levels of ketones in your body according to the colour.
  • A deep purple indicates the high level of ketones. If your n a Keto diet, it means you are in a state of ketosis.
  • For diabetics, it could mean a state of Ketoacidosis, and immediate medical intervention is required.

Are Keto Strips accurate?

Keto strips are accurate when you are beginning your keto diet and want to check if you are in a state of ketosis. They are not reliable in the long run once you are consistently under ketosis because the level of ketones significantly reduces in the urine during that time. Also be aware that the ketones detected are those which are in your urine and not bloodstream, so it isn’t the most reliable method.  It is useful for those with type 1 diabetes to check of you are into Ketoacidosis.
Bottom-line: While it gives a rough indication of ketones, there are more reliable methods for measuring ketones.

Where can you buy them?

All the top brands indicated here have their own online website where you can purchase them at discounts. You can also get them for best prices at Amazon.

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